P.A.C.T represents a bunch of people which we hope will help you in your life.  Founders Martha and Allen Levie would like to do our best to help as many people as possible in education, government, business, religion, and family.

We have become familiar with some tools that we think can assist and in the end help make a difference for the better in your life and those around you. P.A.C.T. is our attempt at helping you and your community learn and use these tools to that end.

Tools include:

Experiential learning through simulations

A family live-online classroom

Cutting edge recorded courses

Epiphany and solution centered discussions and chats

Events that emphasize participants’ momentum and real-time contribution

Eventually an in-person campus where full emersion can take place


Our communities have become quite disconnected and weak in many ways. We feel a strong need to help heal local communities, families and individuals and together realize lasting growth. The technologies of today with all of the sub-communities they facilitate can both destroy and build. We are dedicated to properly utilizing these new tools to build upon and heal the affects of industry, market forces, travel and communication, which we’ll likely all agree are sort-of taking us by surprise.