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P.A.C.T. Courses are step-by-step video recorded online procedures that you can customize to fit your given circumstances and needs. You may want to slowly build habits or quickly gain skills. You may be 80 years old with 40 great grand kids or 17 years old still in high school.

Either way these courses are eventually self-directed, self-assessed and self-challenging.  While we just used the word self so much, we hope you will not feel like you are doing this alone. The courses are specifically designed to increase the amount of time you spend in-person eye-to-eye with your local personal-relations.

Courses are also designed to increase the quality of your precious time with them. We recognize the limits and dangers of computer screens and the time we spend looking at them, but we also recognize the great benefit that we can derive from them as individuals and communities to heal our current situation.

The three primary areas of focus for our courses will be:

Personal and public relations

These recorded courses will often be part of an event, series of local events or a simulation-event.