P.A.C.T Classroom Community is a live-online classroom where family members can come together and teach each other what they are learning.This is a sort-of potluck environment where people are learning and communicating their epiphanies. Each person participating in the classroom is a learner-teacher.

Once families apply and are accepted they begin by performing a P.A.C.T. family self-study and then use the P.A.C.T. team as a sounding board to take it to the next level.

There are two courses which we feel very strongly need to be a part of this online environment, Martha Levie’s elocution course and the personal-relations course.

The time we spend with our in-person relations are so important. It is critical that we spend the right amount of time in-person and that that be as meaningful as it can be. The time we spend online also needs to be well spent and increase the value of our in-person time.

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